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About Justin Heimer

ADOPTION ATTORNEY · Fayetteville, Arkansas I help families adopt kids. I work with birth parents hoping to place children for adoption and couples hoping to adopt. If you have ever considered adopting, give me a call. It can be an overwhelming process and I am happy to explain the steps to bringing a new child into your family.

Choose a Doctor for Your Adopted Child

Once you bring your newly adopted baby home, you’ll need to plan a doctor visit within the first few weeks. Every parent needs to pick a pediatrician or a family practice physician for a new member of the family. When you choose a doctor for your adopted child, though, you face some slightly different challenges.

First, […]

Adoption: The Other Family Members

You’re planning to adopt! The whole adoption process is a very emotional experience for the adoptive parents, and it culminates in a joyful new relationship with your new child. But what about the other family members?
Older children
If you have children at home already, they will be getting a new baby brother or sister. You may […]

Adopting a Newborn

Adopting a newborn is very practical in Arkansas, where adoptions can be finalized by the 6th day of your new baby’s life. You can bring your baby home from the hospital and begin your life together right away. More than 18,000 families adopt a newborn each year in the United States, often within one year […]

Putting a Baby Up for Adoption: How Does It Feel?

Putting a baby up for adoption is a brave and loving choice. There are so many families waiting for your child, and you have the chance to make their dreams come true. If you’re not ready to parent at this point in your life, a stable and loving home is an amazing gift you can […]

November is National Adoption Awareness Month

November is National Adoption Awareness Month. This is the month each year that brings increased awareness of adoption and adoptive families.

It all began in 1976, when then-Governor Dukakis announced Adoption Week in Massachusetts. President Reagan proclaimed National Adoption Week in 1984, and President Clinton extended the week to a month in 1995.

Each year, November brings […]

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Private Adoption in Arkansas V. Agency Adoption in Arkansas

Do you know that feeling that pulls at the bottom of your stomach? That feeling that comes when you see an accident before it happens- when tempers begin to rise. That feeling of dreadful anticipation that pulls on your soul with the opening of Beethoven’s 5th symphony. That feeling that says there is about to […]

Arkansas Adoption Paper Pushing 101

Because we know paperwork is what gets you out of bed in the morning.

Our state loves the paperwork. Most states love the paperwork. So, if you’re interested in arkansas adoption, you have a little bit of paper pushing to do. But don’t fret, a great many have made it through unscathed. Here is what you can expect […]

3 Songs From the 2000’s that Can Teach You about Adoption

The 2000’s were a time of transition for the music industry from the 90’s when music was music, to the 2010’s of which my opinion should be clear by my description of the 90’s.

It’s hard to deny that the 2000’s had some great hits, though. Who can forget Uncle Craker’s Follow Me? Or all the […]

An Adoption Arkansas Manifesto

What if it all came together in one place? What if all the adoption arkansas information you could ever need was manifested on one page of the internet?

Well, I can’t give you all the info, that’s crazy. What I can give you is a summer’s worth of it.

I met Justin Heimer, the owner and practitioner […]

Adopting in Arkansas – Your Own Child 

Life gets a little strange sometimes.

Adopting in Arkansas takes many forms and serves more than one function. One of the more interesting forms of adoption is that of one’s own child.

You would be surprised to see how often it happens.

When one parent becomes the sole caretaker of a child and wishes to terminate the rights […]