estate planning for adoptive children

The last gift you will ever give to your family will be the legacy of your estate. Estate planning is a duty, another way you care for your family. But it can be complicated, and you may need legal assistance. We can help you develop a will, trust, and other estate planning tools that will protect your family and make sure your wishes are honored.

Your will designates where you want your property to go after your death. This is also the document that specifies who you would like to have guardianship of your children. We can help you think through the development of this document while we give it the professional care your family deserves.

We can also help you build a trust. Like a will, a trust declares how you want your assets allocated in the event of your death but it also allows you to add more detail. A trust can designate when your heirs receive their gifts. It can place limitations and expectations on those gifts. Finally, it is a private document that doesn’t need to be approved by a judge. In some cases, a trust can lower other estate costs if it is developed correctly.

It can be hard to think about our mortality and to prepare for our death. But estate planning is an important way to protect your family. Making these decisions and preserving them in a will or trust will make things easier for your family in the difficult time after your death. We are here to help you prepare well for the sake of those closest to you, and for your own peace of mind. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at 479-599-8677 or by email at