Fostering a Child, Legal GuardianshipLegal guardianship gives someone other than the birth parents the legal right to make decisions for a child. If you take on guardianship of your grandchild or another child, you accept the responsibility of caring for that child.

A guardianship does not terminate the rights of the parents. It is not an adoption. Adopting a child, including your grandchildren, ends the parental rights of the birth parents.

Guardianship allows you to care for the children and to give them a permanent home, but allows the birth parents to maintain their relationship with their children. This can be a good choice to provide a safe home for a child without ending his or her relationship with parents and extended family.

At its simplest, a guardianship is the placement of custody in the hands of a caretaker. This process requires the approval of a judge.

In an emergency or transition period, we can help to establish your role in the life of a child as his or her temporary guardian. In cases where the welfare of the child might be best served through your permanent custody, we can help guide you toward permanent guardianship. Finally, if it is in the child’s and your family’s best interests, we may be able to aid you in pursuit of adoption.

There is much to consider when contemplating becoming a guardian. Justin Heimer has the experience and knowledge necessary to paint a full picture of what this process looks like. Justin was trained as a family therapist and understands the complexity of what this decision means for you and your family. He can make sure that the legal process is accomplished correctly and efficiently. He can also make sure that you understand the options for your family, and make the process of establishing guardianship as simple and stress-free as possible.

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