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Bad Moves in the Adoption Process 

This post will make you rich! – Rich in knowledge that just might make your life easier.

Ok, I may be overselling this.

This post might make your life moderately more comfortable. That feels more accurate.

I hope it will serve you with a hint of pragmatic knowledge that when wielded correctly, will help to smooth out your […]

Public Adoptions – A Look through the Lens Episode 3

“It’s the last suit you’ll ever wear.”

Anybody? Anybody?

That’s right. Tommy Lee Jones in Men in Black. He was talking to Will Smith’s character about the suit he would wear on the job for the rest of his life. Will Smith would return the line in MIB2 in which he adds “again”.

But there will be no […]

Adopt a Child in Arkansas – 7 Final Facts

The third episode in a trilogy is ALWAYS the best. Just ask Peter Jackson, Buzz Lightyear, and George Lucas twice. As you may know, this blog is the final part of a trilogy of posts each with 7 facts relating to adopt a child in Arkansas. The goal behind these posts has simply been to […]

In Response to Last Week’s 7 More Facts About Adoption in Arkansas

I know that if you really wanted a heavy dose of strangely strong-willed opinion, you would have kept scrolling through your Facebook feed. I’m not here to add to the noise. What I am here to do is to draw a few conclusions from last week’s 7 facts about adoption in Arkansas.

The facts were as follows:


7 More Facts About Adoption in Arkansas

From what I gather from CSI, detectives work off of facts. They value what is concrete and what can be proven. No arrest has ever been made in which the charges were “Jimmy thought you were our guy”. That simply would not fly because an arrest is far too serious to base off of opinion.

The […]

A Look through the Lens: An Analysis of Our 7 Adoption Facts

Creed isn’t that bad! Brady is better than Manning!

Sorry, after a week of “pure-unadulterated-information”, I was dying to get some opinion in here. Speaking of opinion, how would you like to hear ours?

What I hope for this post is to offer you a little analysis from a firm on the inside of the adoption world. […]

7 Arkansas Adoption Facts

BretAll Postst Favre has thrown more interceptions than anyone else in the history of the National Football League.

But don’t be fooled.

Favre was an all-time great. He holds countless other records including most touchdowns thrown. The man was a wizard. Even if you don’t love his soft touch on the field, you probably enjoyed his blue […]

3 Misconceptions on Arkansas Adoption Finances

You will find no adoption advocacy or process insights here today. That would be the blog that you deserve, but not the one you need.

Batman references aside, here is a quick refute of common misconceptions related to adoption finances.
1.  I can receive a stipend for a child’s expenses after I adopt
The cost of raising this […]

International Adoption, Re-adoption, and Birth Certificates (Oh My!)

Are references to that glorious line from the Wizard of Oz, cliché? Probably. But I went for it anyway and I’d do it again.
International adoptions are first-rate- they are also all the other synonyms for great that I found on thesaurus.com including whiz-bang. If you are interested in international adoption, there are wonderful agencies that […]

Arkansas Adoption Laws: A Legal Voyage into the Bizarre

Arkansas Adoption Law is a funny thing.
You’ve probably heard of strange local laws around the United States. You may already know that dominoes are prohibited on Sundays in certain parts of the country. Similarly, wearing a fake mustache that causes laughter in church is illegal in Alabama. And right here in Arkansas, no alligators are allowed in bathtubs.
The law […]